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- Este bine sa stiti ca, daca sistemul nu poate retrage valoarea de mentenanta din lipsa de credit, contul dumneavoastra va fi automat blocat de sistem. Deblocarea se poate face după încărcarea contului dumneavoastra cu credit .

- Daca metoda de plata preferata de dumneavoastra este prin PayPal, este bine sa folositi la inregistrare adresa de email a contului PayPal. Astfel procesarea platii se va face instant , fara a fi necesara verificarea si autorizarea platii manual.

- Trebuie sa folositi la inregistrare o adresa de email reala. In caz contrar contul dumneavoastra va fi sters din sistem .



- It is good to know that if the system can not withdraw the amount of maintenance due to lack of credit, your account will be automatically blocked by the system. Unlocking can be done after charging your account with credit.

- If your preferred method of payment is through PayPal, you should use the registration email PayPal account. Such payment will be processed instantly, without requiring manual verification and payment authorization.

- You must use an email address to register real. Otherwise your account will be deleted from the system.

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